OMGAWWWWDD this is the second time I thought I lost something important, had it replaced at a cost and then found the original thing in the place I hid it   :IIIII

here’s a tip for hiding something important: you might think you’re being clever by putting it in that nondescript spot, but chances are you will forget completely about it. So don’t do that >.>

As of right now I really want to get new book sets of Harry Potter and LOTR. I’m itching to read through them all again and getting new versions would make it feel like a fresh read again (and because half my current books are falling apart) If only I had that job right now and didn’t have student loooannnss

minor pet peeve: Centuars where it’s just a horse with a white human torso cut and pasted into the place of the neck.   For me, it’s far more immersive and logical for the two halves to share the same color and markings (and possibly fur). You know, so it looks like it’s one whole creature and not a person who stuck themselves into a decapitated horses body.

No better month to come back home and hang around a bit than October, man. Late summer/fall weather, spooky things, pumpkins and then candy. yissssss.  But hopefully, if everything works out smoothly, I’ll be starting out on my first ever job at a movie vfx studio in a month or two! I’m incredibly scared and nervous, but whatever man, I might get to start out on some pretty big movies :DDDD so I bettah get mah game face on and leave my stupid anxieties behiiiind :U wararararaaauuuuughhh