Considering going and redrawing some of my real old drawings from around middle school. I kinda miss drawing the kind of dragons/monsters i did back then, might help me out since i’m kinda in an art-rut right now

I need to learn how to better push myself to do shit. How to learn to not be a procrastinator..

swelldame asked:

So, I recently went to Dave School for one of the Explorer classes because I've been interested in the school since I saw it advertised at AMC Theatres. And it looks like a great school! I love movies and I'm seriously thinking about going to Dave School when I have the tuition for the VFX program. My question is, if you're taking the VFX program that is, I'm not a huge animation fan so I'm wondering if I would fit into a place like Dave School?

Oh you’d fit in just fine! Not everyone likes every class and not everyone is best at everything. Like for me, I don’t enjoy modeling very much, but I love compositing and animation. Alot of the other students are great at modeling but don’t enjoy animation so well x). But we all go through each block and it’s very helpful to learn all the different components of vfx, even if you don’t like some of it.   Hope that helps you out a bit there ^^

I hope I live long enough to see technology advance enough for muggle quidditch to be played on flying brooms and have a real flying snitch

Hrmnnnng now I want to make a costume of my character, so I could go to a con as an anonymous character and pretend to be someone else for a few hours. That’d be real awesome to experience